We are SunGIS

Our team at SunGIS comprises experienced industry specialists passionate about developing geospatial solutions. We provide non-standard spatial data analysis and high-performance data publishing solutions using open data exchange standards. We tackle challenges head-on, set ambitious goals, and use the latest technological advancements to our advantage.

Our values

Over fifteen years of experience, we have analyzed, modeled, and developed tools that provide Latvia's largest surveying data portal systems. Our products improve the daily workflow of Latvia's largest municipalities and contribute to their efficiency.


Our commitment to growth is unwavering. In every new project or product, we strive for ingenious solutions and actively gather knowledge. This relentless pursuit of innovation allows us to deliver new, improved services and products consistently.


At our core, we and our customers are a unified team, constantly evolving and efficient in every task. This mutual trust is not just a cornerstone but the essence of our team, making each customer an integral part of our journey.


Every situation presents a multitude of possible solutions. Our role is to thoroughly explore these options, identify the most effective ones, and tailor them to each client's needs. This flexibility is what sets us apart.

Long-term thinking

At SunGIS, we use our knowledge of the latest solutions to develop systems and build long-term customer relationships while keeping a forward-looking approach.